Facebook update their layout… again!

Started my computer to a new Facebook layout, not sure if am liking it…

Position Yourself as a UI/UX Designer

Mike Locke breaks things down in a ‘simple and straight to the point’ way.

Not for astronauts?

Post by Sneijder. Stumbled on this and just had to share…

Back on the blog

After a 2 year hiatus, am finally back on the blog! So I finally got around to dusting my CV, updated my portfolio and reactivated my blog. Hopefully I can […]

A Nightmare on a ‘Web Designers’ Street

Saw this and just could not resist… you have to read it

You have to check Screenr out

Saw this nice online app via someone’s tweet and I am still pinching myself to believe it is free. Its called screenr; simple and effective app. Basically you use it […]